Comedian. MC. comedian.

He’s so easy. So natural. And what’s even better, he’s so topical.
— Barry Hilton

After immigrating to Canada at the age of 7, Tamby developed his sense of humor as a social defense mechanism in lieu of speaking fluent English. He has been continuously refining his comedic voice through trial and error ever since. 

Tamby was the winner of the Bangkok division of the Magners International Comedy Competition 2018, placed second at the regional finals, has been selected as a finalist at numerous international comedy festivals, and has appeared on TV like four times. His unique perspective, incisive writing, and adequate stage presence has made him a popular headline act around Asia.

In addition to stand-up comedy shows, Tamby emcees and performs at private events. Past clients range from the very prestigious New Millenium Hotel, to the somewhat prestigious Canadians in HK group, to the not-at-all prestigious some guy's birthday party. Tamby also founded and runs the Roflmania all-star comedy showcase, Hong Kongmedy Guerilla storyteller show, BUSHIROAST roast battle tournament, and Total Nonstop Laughter comedy competition.

Tamby was the Master of Ceremonies for the largest head-shaving events in Hong Kong raising funds for childhood cancer research. A huge heart, a huge personality and huge results for an all important cause. Highly recommend!
— Richard Kligler, Managing Director, St. Baldrick’s Day Events
Tamby is equal parts funny, attitude and tattoos!
— Vivek Mahbubani
Tamby Chan has a quick wit and notable stage presence to back up his dark sense of humour. Relatively new to stand up, he takes the stage as if he is a veteran.
— Nigel Tu, Comedy Club China
Humour and funny is not exactly the same. Tamby, you’ve both! It’s our pleasure and honor to be in your performance!
— Stephen Wong, Director, Co-operatives of Innovative Intellectuals
It’s great to see a vibrant comedy scene coming up in Hong Kong and Tamby was one of my favorites.
— Jackie Kashian
That was a great punchline. Goddamn it was good. You got structure, homie.
— Dave Chappelle